You guys. I’m sorry it’s been so long! This summer has been crazy. We started it off with our older two in VBS at our church.

Then wild fires essentially had our whole province on fire and on a provincial state of emergency. Throw in a few doctors appointments for our boys, phone appointments with the allergy dietician, and some bloodwork for Micah. We also had a lot of family time, parties, and random adventures too. And my garden has been producing a ton of food, which we’ve been happily enjoying as well! It’s been a busy 2 months!

Without further ado, here’s an update!

KAYLEIGH UPDATE: She starts kindergarten in a week. What?! I’m so not ready. She’s been ready and waiting for kindergarten since she was like 3 years old. Haha! We have all of her back to school stuff ready to go (whether I’m ready for it or not!). It’s going to be a wild transition not having her home during the day! But she’s ready for it! So so ready!

SETH UPDATE: He starts his second year of preschool which he is unsure of. Some days he’s super excited, and other days, he says he doesn’t want to. He has one new teacher this year, and one that he had last year, so the familiar face will be reassuring for him. At the beginning of August, he was finally put on a waitlist for speech therapy. He’s also waiting to see a new pediatrician and then we’ll be waiting for an autism evaluation. I’ve suspected that he’s possibly been on the high functioning side of the spectrum for a while now. It’s just taking awhile to get his appointments happening. Our family doctor also said she sees a lot of markers for it, so we’ll see what happens! For now, we wait. I’ll update when I know more.

MICAH UPDATE: All in all, he’s been doing really well. I honestly haven’t done a lot of food trials this summer (since he was sick earlier, ate a pencil crayon, ate a random cookie, reacts to the heat, etc). I didn’t want to add trials while we were dealing with all of that. And because it’s summer, it’s hard sticking around the house for trials. We did just finish a pumpkin seed trial which he happily passed. That brings his total up to 31 safe foods! Because of his MCAS, he has issues with being in the heat for too long… so most of our summer was spent at indoor (air conditioned!) play areas or going for walks near the river to cool down.

ME AND HUBBY: In August, I celebrated my 29th birthday, and 5 days later, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. And for the first time in over 2 years, we were able to go on a date night. With Micah nursing, he has finally been tolerating more in my diet, so we went to a restaurant and loved it! It was nice to just focus on us and not have to inhale our food because we had fussing kids. And it was nice to eat a meal that we didn’t have to prepare! Haha!

Anyways, I think that’s it! Again, I’m sorry I’ve been so sporadic on here. Life is crazy. And we love it! As the kids get into a back to school routine, life won’t be as hectic… and I’ll be able to gather my thoughts on here more often. Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!


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