We’re currently under a provincial state of emergency. There are over 225 fires in BC, Canada at the moment, and that number has been growing. Towns are being evacuated, highways are closing, some areas are running out of gas because literally everyone is fueling up to leave… it is completely mind blowing. Our province is on fire. You see the pictures and videos, you hear the stories, but it still doesn’t seem real. The sun is red and we can sometimes smell the smoke, but thankfully, we’re not in immediate danger. The smaller fires that are the closest to us are being managed right now. Evacuees are fleeing their homes and signing in here. Firefighters are coming from all over to help. Cities are working together to deliver supplies. People are opening their doors to complete strangers. In all of the chaos that has been exploding on Facebook, you can also see something beautiful. People offering their homes and their acreage for housing horses or pets or trailers. People giving away food, clothes, and toys for those who left with only the clothes on their back and sandals on their feet. Communities are coming together. 

The fires were definitely a big topic at church this morning. People were asking how to help, who to contact, and how to put our names on a contact list for housing those who have evacuated. And we also prayed hard. And we continue to pray.

We’re praying for safety.

We’re praying for peace and strength.

We’re praying the lightning and winds stay away.

We’re praying for rain.

And we’re praying these fires stop.


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