2 hours ago, Micah ate something he shouldn’t have. He swiped a tiny piece of a not-safe-for-Micah cookie from the bigger kids, and we’ve been waiting on pins and needles ever since. Why does this consume us? The stress and anxiety? Why Micah? Why can’t he share cookies with his siblings like other kids? Is he going to react? Was it a small enough bite that he’ll be okay? Is he going to have blood in his stool later? If he doesn’t react, does that mean he may slowly be outgrowing FPIES? Should we then trial the “harder” foods that many react to? Should we do oral food challenges in the hospital with his previously failed foods? So many questions. For now, we’re still waiting. Thankfully, he’s full of smiles! Those smiles keep me going.


2 thoughts on “THE LONGEST 2 HOURS 

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