I figured since I’m literally writing to anyone out there reading that I’d give more of an introduction than I did yesterday. Little bits and pieces of who we are before diving right into our daily life. So…


Hi! I’m Dani. I met my husband, Jason, in 2006 at a Bible camp in BC, Canada, we worked together at Starbucks, went to college together, and after years of not being able to stand each other, we started dating in 2009. Crazy, right?! Well, the two of us went on a road trip together in April 2009. His parents were in a serious car accident earlier that year, and he wanted to visit his mom in the hospital… 9 hours away! Turns out, you learn a lot about a person when you’re stuck in a vehicle with them for that long! He always thought I was a “little miss know-it-all” and I previously thought he was incredibly annoying. Who would have thought we’d actually date… or get married and have kids?! Definitely not us! You know that saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”? Well, it’s true. So so soooooo true. I mean, look at us!




Anyways, we got married in August 2010. We became parents in January 2012 to our beautiful daughter, Kayleigh. In October 2013, we had our first son, Seth. And May 2015, we welcomed our second son, Micah. 3 kids in 3 years… because who needs sleep?! We figured if we weren’t sleeping anyways, we may as well see how long a person can function for without it. We’re 5.5 years in, and somehow, we’re still managing!


So that’s how we became The Wiebes. From the outside, we look like your typical young family. Jason just turned 30, I’m 28, and the kids are 5, 3.5, and Micah will be 2 tomorrow! But there’s more… it’s just hiding under the surface.


You see, Jason is a hemophiliac. That means his blood doesn’t clot… like at all. He gets internal bleeds (think blood pooling under your skin) and has to give himself a needle every morning to make his blood “normal.” Because of repeat internal bleeds as a kid, he developed severe arthritis. His ankle is basically 70+ years old, and because of that, he had an ankle joint fusion in January of this year. Now his foot doesn’t bend. It’s just permanently at a right angle. It’s been a long 4 months, and he’s still recovering, but we’re slowly getting there.


As for Micah, he has Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome and he’s suspected of having Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. What this means is that he is allergic to dozens and dozens of foods. Even the snow causes him to react with hives. But I’ll share more on that in another post…


And me? Well, I don’t have any rare diagnosis like Jason or Micah. I’m basically just the girl next door. But since having Micah, I’ve had to completely change my diet so I can safely breastfeed him. It doesn’t sound like much, but when your child reacts to almost everything, it’s not easy. Imagine eating the same 10 or so foods all day and every day. Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s rough. In fact, I even lost 55 pounds in 10 months just from diet change. I wasn’t allowed to exercise, and for a period, I was eating spoonfuls of coconut oil to make sure I was getting enough fat to help me maintain my weight. It’s been quite the journey so far! I’ve had to advocate for Micah when the doctors rolled their eyes at me. We’ve had to pray and pray and pray that he would stop vomiting when he was on the verge of going into shock. I’ve had to hold my lethargic baby in the emergency room only to be told it was the “stomach bug.” But here we are. Pushing forward. Getting answers. And living as normal as we can… we’ve just made it our own version of “normal!”




2 thoughts on “BACK STORY

  1. Katherine

    I’m so glad you’re blogging! I am also 28, and I also have an FPIES son close in age to Micah (early June birthday). He is my husband and my only, but I have so appreciated following your recipes and progress on the FPIES Facebook group! We have quite a bit in common. I love your enthusiastic approach to tackling Micah’s challenges 🙂


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